Ayurved doesn’t mean only medication but it gives the guidelines for healthy living. Accepting the views of Ayurved, Aastha Ayurved is serving to the people for their healthy life. Wish you all for the healthy life.

Aastha Ayurved is the best option for the treatment of skin and sexual disorders.
Skin disorders:- Leucoderma,Vitiligo and Hypo-pigmentary problems, Leprosy , Eczema, Seborrhic dermatitis, Bacterial and Fungal infections, Acne, Impetigo, Psoriasis and Pyoderma, Sun burn, Acne vulgaris , Urticaria, Scabies, Ring worm, Allergic and Chronic disorders of skin,Purities,Dermal reaction of drug/food, Oth...er allergic disorders etc.
Sexual disorders: - Premature ejaculation, Oligospermia, Depressed libido, Erectile dysfunction and nocturnal emission, Frequent night falls, Sexual neurasthenia, Functional impotence and sexual weakness, Loss of libido, Loss of strength and stamina etc.
Qualifications: - BAMS (BU), MD (A. Medicines) , Ayurved Rattan, Dip. In Acupressure , First degree in Raiki.
Medicines: - Medicines are given by Dr.R.C.Tripathy, a very qualified and renowned Ayurved physician of Ranchi. All the medicines are prepared on the supervision of him .His research on the field of Ayurvedic medicine he discovered many authentic preparations which are tested on thousands of patients on his day to day practice.

How to reach:
Aastha Aayurved is situated at the heart of the city, It is just one km away from Airport and 2kms from railway station and 2km from govt. Bus dippo.. Car, Auto and city bus is available all the time from anywhere.


09:00am to 11:00am
03:00pm to 05:00pm
07:00pm to 08:00pm
(Tuesday closed)